Friday, November 20, 2009

Metallic Like Text

to down the material needed for this material

Step 1:

start off by selecting File > New make sure the
background is #000000 take a soft brush and change the size to 265 px,
at the bottom of your tool bar u have two
boxes with
colors in it. click on the top box
and change it to any
color. I'm going to use
the color #E9829C. Place it in the
middle and make
your circle. 

Step 2:

Now it's time to resize the gradient circle you just
made. press the shortcut keys Ctrl+T. Take your cursor and move transform it and
your soft brush eraser and erase around the gradient
circle to get more of a softer look. It should look a little
something like this:

Step 3:

Let's start designing! Click on the custom shape tool and load the Dezignus set of shapes. use the same color that you used for the gradient
circle on step 1 #E9829C. After you have
placed it on your
background, lower the Opacity to 11%
again take a large
soft brush eraser and erase around it.
Might look a little
something like this:

Step 4:

Make a new layer Now, I have just added a little more in the background to
make it stand out. Use the Lady Victorie Stars brush pick the one you want
the color #FFFFFF now it should look like this:

Step 5:

Make a new layer, load new layer, select the Halftone Pattern from the
custom shape tool, load the new shape. Set it to
the color
pick which one you want, I Used #E9829C. Then lower Opacity to 4%

Step 6:

Press the Text Tool, select your font and type your desired text. I am
the word DESIGNING

Step 7:

right click on text layer, select Blending Options > Gradient Overlay
use the following colors:

Now it should look a little like this:

Final Step:

Finishing touches, you can basically do what you want to do with this now
that you have the font set up. I went ahead and just added a drop shadow
by,  right clicking on the text layer selecting Blending Options then Drop
Shadow. Opacity is set at 75% Angle is 120 degrees Distance: 2 px and Size: 5 px
then press ok.

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