Friday, November 20, 2009

Creating A Cool Sales Tag

Step 1: Click on File >
Set the width
to 450 pixels the height

300 pixels and the
at 72
then press OK.

Step 2: Open New Layer by clicking on the little icon next to the trashcan on
your Photoshop.

Now using the pen tool make the following design. once you connect the lines
together, right click on 

Make Selection. The
feather radius should be set on 0 and just press OK.

now it should look like this:

Step 3: Next click on Edit > Fill

use the
E14141 for the color. Then go to

Select Drop shadow & use the
following settings.

Step 4: Now select Burn Tool

which is presented
by this icon, 

& create the following 

shading like as shown below

Step 5: Now Open New Layer & select the
Marquee Tool
to make the following shape.

Step 6: Now select Edit > Fill

use the color ECECEC

to fill in your new layer & then right click 

on your layer and select
select Drop Shadow & use the following settings

it should look like this:

Step 7: If you have already pressed OK, then right click on that last layer
and click on
Blending Options  

once more. Then
Bevel & Emboss & use the following

Now you should have something that looks like this:

Step 8: Select a new layer & then create the same circle, by clicking on

Elliptical Marquee Tool you did once before,
but smaller this time.

Step 9: Click Edit > Fill and use the color
EFFFFF. Then go to Blending

select Inner Shadow & use the
following settings:

should look like this:

Step 10: Select your brush tool. Set it at
2 pxl

Open New Layer & using your 

Pen tool make the
following shape:

Step 11: After you have made the shape Right Click on the line and select

Make sure you use the option for Brush. After you have done that,
take a small brush at 

2 pxl and erase the extra
lines to make it look like its going behind the tag like this:

Step 12: Now select
Text Tool
& create the any Text. If you want to move the text around 

use the shortcut
Ctrl+T & then select the check mark at the top right of your screen to let 

Photoshop know you are ok with where the placement is.

Step 13: Right Click on your text layer and go to
select Drop Shadow

& use the
following settings:

should look like this:

Have fun and remember designing is fun and easy if you put your mind to it!

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