Friday, November 20, 2009

Reflection Text

Step 1: Click on File >
Set the width
to 400 pixels
the height
in 200 pixels
then press OK

Step 2: Open New Layer by clicking on the little icon next to the trashcan on
your Photoshop.

Now press the text tool
and put your text on it.

Step 3: Right click on this layer now & select

then select Gradient overlay and
use colors setting which are given below

then after you select ok, set the
to 0 (zero),
then click ok

should look like this:

Step 4: Duplicate this Layer by right clicking on the layer
and name selecting Duplicate Layer

now rename it duplicate text. Now with the new duplicated layer select
Filter >
Blur > Gaussian Blur

and set
radius to 3.7
should look like this:


Step 5: Now choose your first text layer &
Right click
> Blending Options > Inner Glow

& then press ok.

Step 6: Now go back to the layer we
started off with. Your background layer that is the 

color of #222222. Choose Filter
> Render > Clouds
& then Filter
> Render > Difference Clouds

Step 7: Now Select Filter
> Blur > Gaussian Blur
and set Radius
to 30.0

Step 8: Same layer still, Filter
> Stylize > Glowing Edges
follow the settings

should look like this:

Step 9: Same layer
Filter > Texture > Craquelure

should look like this:


Step 10: Go to your duplicated text layer, click on it and
click on the new layer button

Then Edit >Fill use the color
then Select
Filter > Render > Lens Flare

set the Brightness to 60%
then select
ok. Then select the
above the layer

to Screen.
Now you can move it to where you want it. It should look like this:

Step 11: Now choose your first layer text and duplicate it
again, click on

File > Transform > Flip Vertical
then lower the Opacity to 22%

Step 12: Now right click on that layer you just flipped
vertical and select Rasterize Layer

You will not be able to edit the text anymore by using your
text tool. Now click on your

eraser tool. Pick the 100 pixel soft brush and start erasing
to preferred look.


Remember designing is fun and easy if you put your mind to it!

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