Tuesday, December 15, 2009

A Cool Advertisement Picture

Start out by creating a new document about 700×500 pixels,
resolution (DPI) of 72 pixels and then fill it with linear gradient using colors
0582ae and 0ab7db.

Step 2:

Find a nice, suitable stock photo to work with. For this you’ll want to use
one of the stock photo websites. Open up the picture and copy it to the main
canvas. Then apply the Rectangular Marquee Tool to create
selection as on my picture below, or click the shortcut keys CTRL+A then CTRL+C
then go to your other document and click on CTRL+V. To resize you you want to
press CTRL+T hold in the Shift key and drag from the corners so it resizes
without loosing quality.

Step 3:

Apply following Blending Options to the current layer:

Inner Glow: Select the box color and use 018fc4, Blend Mode: Normal,
Opacity: 30%, Choke: 0% Size: 59 px, Range: 50%, Jitter: 0%

Stroke: Size: 10pc Position: Inside, Blend Mode: Normal, Opacity:
100%, Fill Type: Color, Color: ffffff


Create a new layer under your last layer. Select the Polygonal
Lasso Tool
and create selection like mine and after that fill it with
black color.

Step 5: Edit>Fill>Black then Select>Deselect or Ctrl+D then
Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur setting the radius at 2. After that change layer
opacity to 35%, Should look a little like this:


Step 6:

Press Ctrl+J to duplicate layer, then use Edit >
Transform > Flip Horizontal
to flip copied layer horizontal and move
right under the second corner of the photo.

Step 7:

Go to the top layer and click on the new layer icon
at the bottom of your layer pallet. Select the Pen Tool
and draw a shape like a ribbon, right click select, Make a Selection and press
Ok. Then Edit>Fill>Color color #aa2041 on top left
corner. We will put advertisement text here later. Then select Ctrl+D to

Step 8:

Apply the following layer styles:

Drop Shadow: Blend Mode: Multiply, Color: 000000, Opacity: 27%, Angle:
153, Distance: 2px, Spread: 0%,  Size: 2px

Inner Glow: Blend Mode: Hard Light, Opacity: 88%, Noise: 0%, Color:
9a0f33, Choke: 0, Size: 9px, Range: 50%

Gradient Overlay: Blend Mode: Normal, Opacity: 80%, Gradient: 530021 on
the far left side and e5355a on the right side, Style: Linear, Angle: 135,
Scale: 28%

Step 9:

Create a new one layer above and merge it with previous to get all effects in
one layer. After that select the Polygonal Lasso Tool to create
selection as on my picture below. Press Delete button to clear
selected area.

Step 10:

Create a new one selection, apply the Dodge Tool (Brush: 65
px, Range: Highlights, Exposure: 50%) to make brighter part of the ribbon.
Remove selection with Select > Deselect. Apply again
Dodge Tool
, but pay your attention that we’ve have changes some of
presets: Brush: 7 px, Range: Midtones,
Exposure: 50%.


Step 11:

Use the Horizontal Type Tool
and write out something like ‘Best Seller’ with white color. Apply Edit
> Transform > Free Transform
to rotate the text.

Step 12:

Duplicate the ribbon that you made before you put the text on it, click on
Ctrl+T and move it to the right bottom corner. And repeat step 11:

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