Thursday, January 7, 2010


DANCE your way through life Tutorial

Step 1: File>New make your first layer 600x800 with the background
of black #000000 and hit ok.

Step 2: Find a set of clouds that you like from
right click on the image and copy. Go in to your Photoshop and click on
Edit>Paste. Now resize the picture to your first layer by pressing the
shortcut keys CTRL+T hold in the SHIFT key and drag from the corner so you keep
the best quality of the picture.

Step 3: Change the mode to Hard Light, take a soft eraser and erase
the sections you don't want. Then right click on the layer select color, change
the blending mode to color and choose the color #FFFFFF

Step 4: Find a stock photo of a city or some place that you want in
the background. Follow the steps I explained in Step 2 to copy and paste the
picture on your layers. But with this one, you are going to want to make a new
layer. But behind the clouds. So go back to the first layer and click on the
icon next to the trashcan icon. It looks like a piece of paper. Then just paste
the new image and adjust it to your layer. (If you need to you can resize (CTRL+ALT+I)
or crop with the crop tool to make your picture smaller to fit your background

Step 5: Now click on Filters>Blur>Gaussian Blur set the radius to 1.2


Step 6: Now I think I'm going to add some more clouds. You can find me
them again at copy and paste and
follow the steps 2 & 3.

Step 7: Now find an image of a person, the best place to find images
of people if you don't know how to cut is
Download the image and unzip the file open up your document and copy and paste
the image on top of all your other layers.

Step 8: Make a new layer. Use the pen tool and make some lines
that go around the person like this:

Step 9: To make the round ends on the lines. Just hold the CTRL key
and use your mouse and move the lines to a preferred look that you like.

Step 10: Click on your brush tool, lower the size down to about 3,
depending on how thick you want the line. Make the color white #FFFFFF Click
back on your pen tool, then right click on the curved line that you made and
select Stroke Path and select brush, then press ok. Then press your delete
button to delete the line that you made, but the new line is still there.

Step 11: Now right click on your newest layer and select Blending
Options>Outter Glow. Use these settings:

Blend Mode: Linear Dodge (Add), Opacity 100% Noise: 3% color: #00bdcc Spread:
10%, Size: 17 px, Range 50%

Step 12: Now use your eraser tool and erase sections of the line to
make it look like its wrapping around his body.

Step 13: Now take small light rays brush that you can get on
and on the new layer put it on different areas on the line, then repeat the step
11 for the glow, you can use the same color or another color. I chose to use a
different color. That color is #d000ff 

Step 14: Now lets go back to the layers for the clouds, and soften
them up by selecting Filter>Blur>Gaussian Blur set the radius to a
perferred look you want. I set the radius to 1.1

Step 15: Now take your eraser tool and turn down the opacity to 20%
and start erasing parts of the cloud to make it a little transparent.

Step 16: Select your burn tool set the opacity to 61% and to shadows,
and use this to give the clouds some depth in the dark spots.

Step 17: Now it's time to blend everything together. Use your color
pallets on your tool bar on the left and change the colors. For the top box I
used the blue from the sky #04175a and the lower box I used the brown color #462319
on the street.

Step 18: Select the top layer, click on
button and select Gradient (First we are going to use the blue color. After you
see the blue on the layer click on reverse so it looks like this:

Step 19: Now change the blending mode to Soft Light and lower the
opacity to 50% or to the preferred look you want.

Step 20: Follow the steps 18 & 19 for the second color. but make
sure the brown color (the second color is opposite of the blue). If it looks too
dark to you, you can double click on the layer and change the color.

Step 21: Now you can add text if you want.

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