Friday, December 4, 2009

An easy Photo Retouch

This is just a quick easy tutorial to show you how to take blemishes off of a
picture you have taken to make it more appealing.

Step 1:

First duplicated your layer, by right clicking and selected duplicate rename
that new layer copy. That was if you mess up you can always go back to the original
and start all over again. Also, you will be able to hide or top layers and see
the difference between the skin on what you have done.

Step 2:

Zoom 300-400% or until you can see those noticeable blemishes. Select the Spot
Healing Brush Tool
. I'm
going to start with this picture i have already zoomed in to 300%:

Resize your brush to the appropriate size to remove a blemish. Don't rush
yourself, do one section at a time so you get all the unwanted areas corrected.
Now it should something like this:

Keep doing that to all the areas until you are finished with the whole


Step 3:

Once you are done, if your picture had eye make up one and you would like to
change the color you can do so by making a new layer setting the mode to Hue or
Color and lowering the Opacity between 20-50% depending on how you want it to
look. The picture I'm using she had pink and yellow glitter eye shadow. I have
changed it to a color close to the color of her shit. and I just brought the
yellow out a little more.



Step 4:

Back back to your copy layer and delicate it again. name is copy2, set the
opacity to 50%. Select the Smudge Tool
set the strength to 50% and start going over the skin. Do not touch the eyebrows.
If you do, then you can either erase after you are done or just press the
shortcut keys Alt+Ctrl+Z and it will take you a step back. This step is
just to smooth out the skin. But remember when you are doing this step, go in
the direction of the skin. Example, the forehead, smooth your smudge brush in
small strokes left to right, you don't want to go round in circles or you the
picture will not come out right.

Final Result: Click on the photo to see a bigger picture.


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